Monday, 8 November 2010

Let's Save the Forest

 Dear friends of my blog,

some of you are already familiar with The Forest, some aren't. The Forest is a volunteer run arts and events space which has been a hub for alternative culture in Edinburgh for the past 10 years. There's not enough room here to tell you about all the incredible things that have happened in this place, but let me give you a few examples: Paper Cinema, paint parties, a man climbing into space in 30 days, a baptismal font converted into a communal hot tub, the first UK staging of Boxwars, Monster Bike workshops, Bad Food Day in the Forest Cafe, gigs by Aberfeldy, Amanda Palmer, Patti Plinko & Her Boy, Terrafolk and Sxip Shirey, art exhibitions and happenings . The thing is, all events in the Forest are free, and people work here for free, because we believe that culture should be accessible to everyone. 

Now the Forest faces a problem: its landlords have declared bankruptcy and will have to sell the building that houses us. The Forest needs to raise £500 000 to buy it, and thereby ensure its own continued existence. We're asking for contributions, even if it's just a few pounds. 

I cannot stress enough how essential the Forest is. Not just to the city of Edinburgh, but as a presence in the world. The Forest is all the best human traits - creativity, cooperation, generosity - put into practice and flourishing. If you have been to The Forest, think of the things it gave you and give something back. If you haven't been there yet, give something so that you one day will be able to. 

Click here to find out more.   

The Forest Cafe.

Paint party.

Uke Boogie night. Hosted by Alex.

 Me painting a mural in the Forest-run Total Kunst gallery in 2005.

The band Silk performing during the Forest's 10th birhday party.

Me with poet Ryan Van Winkle outside The Forest.

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  1. Wow, this is so strange... I come from Finland but at the moment live in Iceland. I came here two years ago to work as an EVS volunteer in a creative project with mentally handicapped people. It was my second choise because..... at first I tried to apply to do my EVS in The Forest!! But I was too late, they had already chosen somebody else. I ended up having the time of my life here in the other project and well, I'm still here, at the moment in an art school so this was the right trail for my life but still I sometimes wondered how it would've been to work in Edinbourgh instead. I've never been to Scotland but very likely will i a few years to continue my studies so to make sure I can visit The Forest then I'll surely donate!