Thursday, 11 November 2010

Calling All Indy Comic Creators in Edinburgh

My fellow comic creator Tom Hunt asked me to post this. I think it's a good idea, so here it goes:

Dear All,

If you're reading this then not only do you like comics, but hopefully you enjoy creating them as well! I recently met a fellow Edinburgh resident and creator of comics Edward Ross ( at the MCM Expo down in London. After talking at the convention and going out for a drink this weekend, we formulated a plan. We would like to form a loose collective of indy-comic creators here in Edinburgh, with a view to creating an inspiring and supportive community north of the border, as well as holding talks, exhibitions, “drink and draw” evenings and eventually our own mini-con in April. Plans are still...well, in the planning stage at this moment, but if this sounds like something you'd like to be involved with, let us know! Send me an email and we'll create some sort of mailing list. We're canvassing interest right now, so if you know anyone else in Edinburgh who creates comics, feel free to forward this to them. Ideally, we'll all meet up in early December to say hello, draw stuff, and discuss how to move forward. And while I'm sounding so corporate, we'll be promoting synergy as well.

Tom Hunt

P.S. Edward has already got the ball rolling! Here's a good opportunity for self-promotion if you're interested, taking place on the 28th this month: "The Screen Banditas ( have organised a 'birthday party' to celebrate their 2 years and 3 months of existence, and will be using the gallery space of Rhubaba for the event ( They will be putting on the event on Sunday the 28th of November. The Banditas are an Edinburgh Arts collective, themselves focused on found footage and 16mm film, but generally interested in DIY arts and alternative arts culture. They've arranged to use some of the space to have a mini fair: there'll be a record stall, a sort of crafts stall ( and I've been offered space for a zine/comics stall. I want to showcase some top quality small press stuff, especially local zines, but will also be looking to get work from people I know in England. I'd like to hear from anyone who would like to have a few copies of their work put on sale at the stall.
Please get in touch with me at to arrange for this."

P.P.S. Also, we need a kick-ass name group name. Suggestions?


  1. hey magda we know the same people in newcastle,
    i emailed you once, glad i found your blog again!

  2. Hey Castro,

    nice one. Welcome back!