Thursday, 31 January 2013


Two recent plates. I've been told they're unsettling, which is fine with me. "What are the bears doing?" was the question. I think of the bears as some kind of protective spirits. Or make up your own story. They are available at The Shop, on Royal Street in New Orleans.


  1. I love them. I can see why someone might think they're unsettling though. The bears almost seem like they're suffocating the little boy. Sometimes, being over-protective can do that.

  2. Hi Magda, these plates are stunning. Will they be available in your shop?
    I just bought a few things in your shop and I'm very excited about receiving them - your art work is stunning. I've picked up some of your postcards in Fruitmarket Gallery and I send them to my friends, sending them a little magic.

  3. Hi Ever,

    thanks, I'm glad you like them. To answer your question: these particular plates are available in a gallery called The Shop, in New Orleans.

    However, if you like a particular design, I can make a similar one on a different plate. If you are interested, email me: