Tuesday, 26 July 2011

5 Muses

I recenctly did a job for The Jerwood Charitable Foundation, who asked me to make 2 images for their promotional material - a postcard and a business card. They wanted something that expressed creativity, energy and diversity. I immediately started thinking about heraldry, and those wonderful spear-clutching bears, roaring gryphons, flag-waving unicorns and other imaginary animals that seem to rule that world. My idea was to create a kind of muse, but instead of the greek muses, who looked like lovely young women, these would be fierce animal hybrids with flaming wings. I played around with a lot of different animal-part combinations, trying to keep them unusual and even outrageous, but still have them make aesthetic sense. Jerwood picked 2 of these images, and I'll post scans of the finished work later. These 5 are my personal favourites. 


  1. you are now my favorite illustrator. your imagination is outstanding!