Sunday, 26 December 2010

Dead Pets' Society

I made two plates for Christmas gifts this year, both portraits of deceased pets: our little rabbit for my mother and our neighbour's cat for our neighbour. Here are some pictures:


  1. Why must this be so adorable?

  2. wow, this is really nice!! congrats!! Can I ask what type of paint you used? (because I tried to paint some ceramic plates last year with pebeo porcelain paint and it was awfully thick and sticky -though brand new-).
    Thanks in advance for your reply


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  4. Hi Philomene,

    That's funny, because I use pebeo porcelaine too... I don't know, maybe there was something wrong with that particular pen? Sometimes you get a tricky one. Some of mine like to clog up and are hell to unclog.

    I've also noticed that the paint can be susceptible to atmospheric pressure. I had some problems with the pens in Santa Fe, which is at a high altitude. The thin air made the paint really thin and runny. So maybe the air pressure was unusually high the time you tried using your pen? Just an idea.

    I hope that was at least a little helpful!